Cards - Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck (AGM-Urania)

Aleister Crowley Thoth tarot deck. AGM-Urania, Switzerland. Full divinatory tarot deck, Mediterranean suited, 80 single-headed cards + divinatory-meanings booklet. Size: 95mm x 140mm.

Deck make-up:
Trumps: 0-21.
Disks (i.e. coins), wands (i.e. clubs), cups, swords: A, 2-10, princess, prince, queen, knight.
Extras: title cards x2.

The Thoth Tarot Deck was devised in 1938 by controversial occultist Aleister Crowley, a member of the esoteric group the Ordo Templi Orientis. The artwork was realised by Lady Frieda Harris (an Ordo associate of Crowley, and probably his mistress) between 1938 and 1943. Originally, Crowley planned simply to reuse an old tarot design with a few corrections he deemed necessary to the original imagery. However, Harris eventually persuaded Crowley to sanction a completely new deck. The 78 paintings ended up taking Harris five years to complete: Crowley demanded up to eight repaints for some of the cards before he was satisfied. Many of these out-takes are still in circulation.

As with Arthur Waite (creator of the famous Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, see links at end of page) before him, Crowley released a (very long-winded) accompanying book, The Book of Thoth – A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians. In his (far from) "short" essay, Crowley doesn't even give the basic divinatory meanings in digestible form – the modern little white booklet which comes with the deck has had to have third parties pick out the meanings piecemeal from the text (if they're there at all), even resorting to quoting articles written by Lady Harris for art exhibitions "probably" edited from Crowley's other (presumably lost) notes.

Crowley died in 1947, the actual cards remaining unpublished until 1972 (most sources say 1969, but I gather that is wrong). These days, the deck remains a best-seller in the field of tarot, mainly due to Harris' rich and undated Dali-esque imagery. The cards are currently also available in a large format which allows the complex pictures to be studied in detail. However, one rather annoying aspect of the cards' design is that single-word divinatory meanings are given on the pip cards but not on the trumps or courts – strange.

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Disks (i.e. coins)

Wands (i.e. clubs)




The card on the left is an extra and features Crowley's personal magical seal, known as the Unicursal Hexagram, or Hexagram of the Beast. The next is "the statement of the Ordo Templi Orientis", who are the custodians of the Thoth deck's design.

The deck on this page is one masterminded by a Golden Dawn (or its offshoots) member, or designed to adhere to their concepts of tarot. A list of other major such decks is given below:

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