Cards - Learning Tarot Cards (Witchy Cauldron)

Learning Tarot Cards. Witchy Cauldron, USA. Full divinatory tarot deck, Mediterranean suited, 80 double-headed cards. Size: 70mm x 120mm approx.

Deck make-up:
Trumps: 0-21.
Pentacles (i.e. coins), wands (i.e. clubs), cups, swords: A, 2-10, foot jack ("page"), mounted jack ("knight"), queen, king.
Extras: Instructions/Chakras card, Zodiacs/Planets card.

Witchy Learners Tarot (designed by artist and tarot reader "Nataliia V.") is an attempt to make a divinatory deck which collects together the many and varied associations for each card, not just the upright and reversed Rider-Waite-Smith meanings. The information given on each card:

Chakras – each card corresponds to one of seven of these. A key card for the meanings is included. Chakras "assist users in aligning their chakras and helping them gain healing, insight and empowerment."
Planets and Zodiacs – each card corresponds to one to three of these (eleven planets and twelve zodiacs – again, a key card for these is also included).
Numerology – from the number of the card (but there is no key card in this case, so you'll have to hunt out the meanings yourselves).
Yes or No or Yes/No or Maybe – answers to basic yes/no questions. I've no idea what the difference between "yes/no" and "maybe" is.
Classical elements (earth, fire, air, water) – indicated by one of four background photos (on the minors, at least; the majors have varying photos, so I am not sure what these associations are supposed to be for those).
Each major arcana includes an "affirmation" (which appears to be a short motto); the minors have a keyword instead.

old witchy backThe deck has been through a number of revisions (the makers admit to three, but I've actually seen four revisions of at least one card). I believe the version showcased on this page is the latest at time of writing (April 2023) but beware of older revisions still being sold on some sites (even the maker's!) Earlier versions of the deck contained a number of out-and-out errors with both a number of incorrect associations indicated on the cards and even a few unfortunate instances where upright and reversed divinatory meanings were given identically. The weight of early card stock was also criticised. Buyers also pointed out that the original design of the reverse art on the cards (shown right) was asymmetrical and rather gave away whether a yet-to-be-turned-over card was upright or reversed! This art was changed on later editions to a reversible design, as shown further down this page. In addition, expansions to the length of the divinatory meanings have been made, and a few cosmetic readability issues have been tweaked.

The deck is also available in a Spanish edition. As with many popular tarot decks, beware of knock-off Chinese releases.

Click on any card to explore the design.

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Pentacles (i.e. coins)

Despite the number of iterations of this deck (at least four), spelling mistakes remain (see "abondance" on the queen).

Wands (i.e. clubs)


Note "mariage" on the ten.



The first four images are both sides of the two key cards included. Then follow images of the inner box, then the outer box. Next is a free drinks coaster included. Last is the (newer) back design.

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