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Enter plain text in the top box to have it converted to Morse code. Notes/instructions at bottom of page.

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Text to be processed to Morse
Converted text in Morse (for copying)

For Old American Morse: Δ 2-dot-length space, = 4-dot-length dash, ≡ 6-dot-length dash

Morse type
Speed in w.p.m. ("PARIS" standard)
Pitch in Hertz
Inter-word spacing (dot equivalents)
Practice: Inter-letter/word expansion (times)

ITU – Punctuation accepted: & ., ? ! ' / ( )  :; = + - _ " $ @
ITU – Special characters accepted: À Ä Å Ą Æ Ć Ĉ Ç Đ(D-stroke) Ð(Eth) É È Ę Ĝ Ĥ Ĵ Ł Ń Ñ Ó Ö Ø Ś Ŝ Š Þ Ü Ŭ Ź Ż (the CH digraph can be made by prosign <MM>).

Old American Morse – Punctuation accepted: & ., ? ! 
Old American Morse – Special characters accepted: none.

Enter prosigns with angle brackets, e.g. <CT> for CT. Using E (dot) and T (dash) inside a prosign, any other Morse character desired can be made up, e.g. <EETT> for ..- -

More notes/instructions